Good Beds and a Few Other Talking Points

Who doesn't love gossip?  I had planned to bring you a hot and heavy gossip filled post today but I quickly realized that I only have two very small tidbits to share and I was quickly reminded of my sad, decidedly un-gossip filled life.  I cleaned out my fridge this weekend.  No that is not one of my news items, merely proof of my lameness. So, call it gossip, whateves, here's what I've got for you:

1.  I'm sure you all already know this but did you realize that Margaret Russell is now editor and chief of Architectural digest?

Conde Nast could have put a smurf in charge of that rag and it would have been an improvement, but I'm pretty giddy at the prospect of Mme. Russell taking over.  Mags, a small request:  no more "hi def" photos, no more tuscan anything, no more director's homes just because they are director's homes.  Also, steer clear of anything overly Amish.  You know the issue I'm referring to.  I know I don't need to tell you these things, I trust you.  Also, sorry I chose this blurry photo of you, I just liked all those fabrics in the background.  Next time ask your pal to hold his iPhone a little more steady.

Look forward to seeing Margaret's first AD issue in January.  And to think, I was going to let my subscription lapse.  Elle Decor promoted from within, hopefully it will stay groovy.

Talking Point #2:  Erin is taking a vacay

Erin and I both need a little break.  Don't worry, it's not you, it's us.  Promise.  Just to prove it, we've concocted a sneaky plan to keep you dudes around:  For the next few weeks I'm going to be your design tour guide 3 days a week while erin goes sky diving and horse whispering and stuff.  Once my sweet little angel baby arrives, she will return to her post and you can cry a thousand tears in my absence.  Basically, you guys are going to have to live off 3 posts a week for a while and put up with my ass.  Did I tell you about the fridge cleaning?

Talking point #3:  There were terms to this vacation.  Erin says I have to give you longish posts sometimes.  UGH!!!  You know I'm the one pic-per-post wonder, but I guess I can suck it up for her.  Starting right now:  Look!  Beds!

If ever I have reason to buy a twin bed, I shall look no further than this brass four poster. And yes, I will totally toss a fur on the end just for good measure.

Who do you suppose sits in those chairs?  This picture is lovely, but when you really think of the logistics of it, it's a bit of a head-scratcher.

Every single thing about this photo is awesome.  The end.

Ok, so this room doesn't really fit, but I want to talk to you about the walls.  Right now I have one black wall in my bedroom, it looks great, but every time I see this room I think that maybe I need all black walls in my bedroom.  My floor is white, too.  Thoughts?

And just so the previous photo doesn't feel alone in it's dark-wallness, I tossed this one in for good measure.  You know, I have a chair a lot like that in my room, but no metal cross sculptures, surprisingly enough.

Now how's that for some Hott Goss?