Goldbar 2.Oh yes!

Way back in the summer of 2008 (yes, we've been here THAT long, we're old now and wear support hose) I posted the most stupendous restaurant / bar ever to come across mine eyes.  The Goldbar in NYC has my heart but today, today I might be willing to give my soul to another restaurant that's come calling.  Enter the Juliet Supper Club, also located in New York City (this isn't fair, guys) it is the stuff dreams are made of:

pattern on pattern on pattern topped with super slick gloss = um, yes please.  That ceiling!!!!

But I will warn you not to waste your time visiting their website as you will be bombarded with what is surely Pauly D on the ones and twos along with a stunning visual that involves fire behind a tequila bottle.  hint:  it's really not stunning and makes me want to ensure that this place is empty when I visit.

klein blue tables, mirrored copper tiles and navy hatch-pattern upholstery.  We would have put those together, right?

more applause

after finding the supperclub, I had to check out the designers, Bluarch, where I found these gems:

The Dekko Cafe in Queens, NY

Hudson Eatery in New York City

Apparently I like things that glow en masse.  go figure.