Go For the Gold!

I hate sports. I was never a soccer player, sucked at tennis, and got beaten up in PE. Can you say dodgeball? Nevertheless, I -- like so many people around the globe -- am completely obsessed with the Olympics, especially gymnastics, which is chock full of uber-buff men who wear leotards and do the splits. I am also VERY SURPRISED to find a not insignificant amount of nationalist competitive spirit lodged in my card-carrying communist (socialist? liberal? whatever the old folks call us these days), pinko heart.

That's right: GO AMERICA. KICK EVERYONE ELSE'S ASS. (But if you're not from the United States, feel free to insert your team in the following blank. It's ok. I'll try not to hold it against you.) So for you, ______, I present a day of golden awesomeness in celebration of all the ass we've already kicked, as well as all of the ass-kicking yet to come.

tobias wong gold pills

If you need some help getting into the gold grubbing spirit, try these $429 24-karat filled pills by Tobias Wong at Generate Design. Don't worry. I'm sure everything will come out fine.

Seriously, isn't gold the best color ever? Doesn't it make everything seem shiny and new and GOOD? Just ask Karly. She insisted on giving two football helmets we scored at the thrift store the Midas touch. Stephen Johnson needs no help in that department; he's already amassing a kitschy collection of gravity-defying gold-dipped goodies. And that bow covered snail butt just makes me laugh.

stephen johnson

I've already blogged about China's King of Bling, Lam Sai-Wing, and his solid gold palace (replete with solid gold toilet!), but there's no need to be jealous of his glitzy digs. Check out these 24 karat covered tiles from Design Tale Studio and golden aluminum/laminate tiles spotted at trendir, and set the stage (ok, maybe only mentally!) for your own vision of victory.

gold walls

Going for the gold is always about aiming high, right? While admiring the golden glow emanating from your environs, why not kick your feet up on Yves Klein's gold shavings-filled coffee table? (Look for more posts on Klein craziness next week...)

klein gold coffee table

Feeling prepped for success? Ready to win? Sense the sweet taste of proper thrashing coming in the next week or so? Make sure you take it all in on your gold-plated plasma tv and sound system.

gold tv

Excuse me. I've got to go uncharacteristically berserk (not that going berserk is actually uncharacteristic. It's just that this cheering thing is a little very new and different) and root for my team. Hunny Bunny is sure that I'm crazy, but, hell, I'm in it to win it! He really should know that by now. Not that I'm competitive or anything.