Go E.A.S.T. Young Man

Those of you in Austin know that this weekend is prime time for getting out your bike (yes, it's still warm here) and cruising around the streets of the east side.  For it is weekend part deux of the East Austin Studio Tour, E.A.S.T. if you're nasty.

E.A.S.T. is comprised of over 100 artist spaces and galleries along with several parties (read:  free beer) that takes place over 2 weekends every November in Austin.  It's worth the hike just to pick up the beautiful printed map and guide alone.  But, if you've already gone that far, you may as well check out the spaces, here's some of what you'll see:

Okay Mountain Art Gallery (psst, this is where I got married)

Big Medium Art Gallery

The mural outside Domy Books.  I hear there's a pretty rad interactive stop motion video project going on inside, you should check it out.  When else are you going to have the patience to make anything stop motion?  Really.

Grand Hall of Art And Industry Gallery Space

Mass Gallery

Bleep Labs

4ms Pedals designs

Eric Billing's Workshop.  

Admittedly, my favorite stops are always the ones that involve custom furniture.  Shocking, I know.

Rival Metalworks.

 I kinda can't wait to see this tree with limbs fashioned from reclaimed pipe, basketball and streetlight poles

And, of course, it wouldn't be a party on the east side with out a big, fat event at Birds Barbershop:

Birds and Artifact Workshop present the Custodian CD release with a live performance by Custodian, more tunes by Andy (the mouth) and lots and lots of lone star

artwork by Kenneth Holland will be on display at Birds

As well as the metal works of  Rima Hyena.

So, after cruising around on your huffy all afternoon, come wet your whistle at Birds while listening to some sweet faux hip hop.  Whatever that means.  Here's the scoop:

Saturday, 11/21 

5pm - 9pm

1107 East Sixth