Full Spectrum Paint = Sexxxy

If you are a paint snob like moi you know all about full spectrum paint -- paint that uses double the number of pigments and no black to project a magic crystalline rainbow upon your walls. On countless blogs I have heard acolytes preach the holy gospel of Donald Kaufman and Ellen Kennon, but I attend the church of Sanders P. Gibbs III and that meant no fancy full spectrum paint for me... until Monday.

donald kaufman color

Custom mixed Donald Kaufman color on the walls.

Yes, you busters are probably wondering where your paint update is, because that bizness should already be underway, right? Wrong. Sanders called Monday morning telling me not to panic, but Benjamin Moore just released their line of full spectrum paints, called Color Stories.

benjamin moore color stories

Holy $%^$&^*! More choices!!! Well of course I panicked (duh). And then I ordered up a billion samples to complete the crazy quilt that is my living room wall situation.

Verdict: complete and utter obsession. I'm not sure if I just like the colors better, or if I was smitten (once again) with the Aura paint base, or if there truly is something magical and sparkly amazing about full spectrum paints, but I must have it in my life. Must. Have. It.

Here's the color I settled on... no really, I'm sure.

Sander's cut it to a 50% formula for me (by HAND because he doesn't trust the computer!) since it went dark on my walls. At 50%, it's light and airy -- a little orangey, a little pink. Totally peachy keen.

Paintocalypse it scheduled for Thursday. Stay tuned for updates.