Fly High to the Angels

Lately I've felt the pull of dark spaces with mod, streamlined furnishings. Oh, who am I kidding -- I always feel that way. Well today I'm busting out my bestest of the best... I've been hoarding some of these for a while now, and I feel a little verklempt about releasing them into the world, like a momma bird pushing her babies out of the nest. You bitches better come back to me -- I mean, I love you and want you to fly on your own. And then COME BACK.

living etc dark dining room

wallpaper magazine deco feel

curbed ny

mark seelen

I usually only show odd numbers of pics for my posts because I am OCD like that (and because odd numbers are infinitely superior), but anything else I add to this group will just destroy the mojo.

Bask in the glory. Soak in the coolness. Fly like a winged evangelist and spread the moody word.

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