Fireplaces That Don't Fill My Heart With Murderous Rage (None Of Which Are Mine)

I know I'm a tease for stringing you along without showing the money shot, but sadly I have no pictures of my dumb fireplace today. I just haven't been home long enough to get anything done, and today promises more of the same. Oh holidays, in many ways you are ruining my "life." If I seem a little melodramaculous, it's because I'm still bent out of shape over what must be done with the fireplace. I enjoyed your comments yesterday, so much so that I even made up a mock sketch of a charcoal fireplace:

I'm calling that a no... I think. I do love the idea of adding some shades, though.

I'm going to try REALLY HARD to just hang a damn picture on the fireplace today, mostly so you don't have to endure the tragedy that is shabby chic white painted fan grates winking at you with crusty old maid eyes. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of fireplaces that don't suck.

Why can't my fireplace look like any of these? Why god WHY?

Deep breaths. Mellow. Blood pressure dropping.

Until tomorrow.

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