Fill My Eyes With That Double Vision

I am so tired my eyes are crossed and weepy and twice I have put my underwear on inside out without noticing until the end of the day. Would that I could magically transform my puffy eyes into glory goggles capable of magnificent hallucinatory visions, kind of like this: I've Seen Bigger Mistakes.

I'm not sure how hotshot photographer and art director Charles Bergquist is making these amazing images, but I need to know more.

Until That Day.


Everything Is Indeed Okay, Repeat After Me.

...Will Help Us Awaken.

In This Town.

Lesson Number Four.

There is some nutty metaphysical parallel universe bizness going on here, and it is blowing my mind up.

As if it needed any more blowing right now.

Check out more work from Charles Bergquist and buy his prints here.