Fauxhemian: The Most Annoying Thing I've Ever Seen

I don't care what it takes I am going to make sure my house is quainter, more charming and more idealistic than anyone else's.  Even if it kills me.

From the LA TimesVisitors announce their arrival by striking a mallet on two bronze disks, suspended from the twining branches of the coral tree. Tim made one from the base of a salvaged clothing store fixture; the other is a recycled cymbal. He prefers their music to a regular doorbell. “One has a very resonant sound, and it goes on for 15 minutes,” he says. “The other makes a beautiful, contrasting sound.

Gag me.

In other news, today is our Friday and tomorrow is our Thursday.  The lovely Jen Perkins will be guest blogging her heart out with colorful interiors that are not to be missed.  Much prettier than that gross chime, so, do yourselves a favor and stop back by, you can just walk right in, we don't have a pretentious fauxhemian doorbell set up or anything.

PS. Faux + Bohemian = Fauxhemian.