Thanks for all the comments about my curtain conundrum -- especially the ones that said nice things about our house. It's not where I want it to be, but hopefully it's better than where it started. I mean, how could it possibly be worse than green carpet, khaki paint, and overstuffed mushroom farts furniture? I really had nowhere to go but up.

Anyhow, I ordered some more curtains that are going to blow your minds... maybe in a bad way. Or maybe not. That's the problem with choosing fabric -- it's crazy hard unless you have tons of experience. Personally I'm hoping the brute force of trial and error builds experience, because there's really no other excuse for my OCD behavioral tics.

Speaking of fabric, have you seen this?

I'm pretty sure Jesus flew down on a chariot driven by angels just so he could deposit this on my doorstep.

I'm really important like that.

So this handy chart tells me lots of things, things like I can't afford to swath this chair:

In any of Perennials' gorgeously soft and luxurious OUTDOOR fabrics, like this blue velvet that would be perfect in the nursery:

Or this slubby chenille faux bois that I'm kind of in love with... it's not nearly as busy in real life.

But $80/yd (to the trade price) x 5 yards (according to my new chart) = $400 just for fabric. Not including overage. Not including upholstery labor. Sooooooo, no.

However maybe I could afford to use fancy fabric on this chair:

erin williamson thayer coggin

Because it only requires 2.5 yards.

Small pattern if I keep the buttons.

Bigger pattern if I don't.

See how handy the chart is?

I'm kind of obsessed with finding furniture in my house and calculating the yardage.

I feel so empowered, even though I don't know anything about sewing and fabrics and upholstery.

But I'm learning.

Happy Friday, y'alluns.

Verily I say unto thee, go forth and reupholster the world!

[Perennials Fabrics]