Expensive Snacks to Hold You Over

Hey Dudes, my feet have just barely touched the ground after a cross country flight and I have about 643 things I need to do.  Not wanting to leave you with la grande question:  why should I even bother to continue living?  I wanted to throw together a mega-quick post for you.  You know, light up your life a little. Give you reason to move forward. I was out of town helping my mom pick out all new fixtures / cabinets / tile / lighting / etc etc for the big remodel she's about to under go.  I'll have pics of that soon.  For now I'll show you something that caught my eye while taking in a little in-flight-design-mag reading (I made it through 5 magazines there and back!).  Elle Decor UK turned me on to FredriksonStallard with the image of this lovely vase:

one-off Dragon Vase available through the Heart and Design Charity Auction

Having peaked my curiosity, I cruised over to the designer's site and stumbled upon these goodies:

The Dragon Vase in it's standard finish


horse hair and porcelain Villosus Vases

Brush and Gold Stool

Pyrenees Sofa

So, there you have it.  A solid round-up of more things I can't afford.  Catch you homies later.