Exit Through The Gift Shop

I love documentaries.  I will (and have) watch a documentary on just about every subject.  However, the perfect storm of captured moments, interesting characters, untapped subjects and social commentary combined with humor and a bit of street smarts to make a documentary that plays like a screenplay labored over for years only comes along once in a decade or so.  Exit through the gift shop, a documentary within a documentary wrapped in a riddle, that explores art as commodity, is one of these rare gems

I'm the type of person who doesn't really like to know much about a movie before seeing it, so the above is a short trailer. If you're up for more, watch this:

And if you MUST know even more, check out the reviews here here and here

but honestly, the thing is genius, hilarious, and SMART. Just go see it. It's playing for a limited time in these cities. If you miss it on the big screen, you can toss it in your netflix que.