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Wow!  I am so tuckered out from the insane awesome globe trek Erin took us on yesterday.  It was so great vacationing with you all but now I need a little rest.  And you know what my favorite relaxing pastime is?  Ok, other than watching, rewinding, and rewatching Michael Phelps time trials, I love to read design magazines under the fan in my living room.  Well, I've got to start mentally decorating the luxury town home Phelps and I will share.  ...and that the Nerdy Fashionista will have unlimited access to. I have approximately 472 magazine subscriptions and I usually grab a couple of foreign rags off of the newsstand each month as well.  This month one of my very favorite issues was Living, Etc.  a magazine, that mysteriously, had evaded me in the past.  Was it the boring covers?  The lack of a great newsstand in Austin?  I don't know, but somehow I've just now discovered it and I'm ready to pack my bags and move overseas so I can actually afford the subscription rate (thank you again, Erin, for letting us know how to get there)

Less talky, more photoy.  I've picked out a few of the rooms from the issue that I'm really crushing on.  I know that white spaces with pops of color are a bit passe at this point, but, well, I still love them. Enjoy:

Ok, only mildly exciting, but it's the intro page to one of my new very favorite rooms ever:

la la la la love this guest bedroom, it is one of the inspiration rooms for my own guest bedroom that I'm about to decorate.

The same London apartment also houses this lovely green couch.  And look!  Dictators!  Ok, one dictator!  You know that Design Crisis fully accepts the tenants of the dictator chic regime.

I also love the art in this Manhattan apartment:

yes, I will certainly stop off in New York on my way to London so that I may cat-burgle their entire collection.  Including this yellow piece and the amazing artichoke-esque white lamp:

I love the fabric combination on this London couple's guest bed:

And finally, brace yourselves for the dressing room of your dreams:

And just because I love you, I'll share this new great find, you can enjoy it while I rest up for my next post.