Ebay Score and More

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but I have been alternating between hustling and hibernating for the past 48 hours. Anyhow, part of the hustle was this fancy Sciolari fixture I won on ebay for a song:

Yes, that's a 1st Dibs picture, because it's the SAME FREAKING FIXTURE. Somebody had no idea what they were listing, which always makes me kind of sad -- like I'm taking advantage. On the other hand, I really needed a pick me up right about now. So I'll take it.

I'm going to put it in the dinette, and it's not exactly what I had planned (maybe a little too predictable?), but I think it will work ok:

After much conferencing with Sanders about paint colors, this is the current situation. It's not knocking my socks off, but it's a small space so it can't handle too much insanity. Plus, this is what I can reasonably do with my budget in a non-glacier time frame. I'm not loving the chairs, but I need something simple and cheap. I added a leather bench against the window because the sills sit too low to build a banquette.

Also I'm not super hot on the window fabric, but I don't see anything else that I love for a reasonable price. Any hints out there?

Also also, I tried about 50000000 different paint colors, and it's a really tough space. Peach is no bueno, but perhaps I should go more muted...?

Obviously the chandelier is going to have to carry the space.

Maybe the chandelier can pick out some paint colors and chairs and window treatments while he's at it.

You can do it, chandelier. I believe in you.

Have a super swell weekend, peeps!