Do you subscribe to Elle Decor?

Does anyone out there subscribe to Elle Decor?  If so, have you gotten the November issue yet?  They totally skipped me in October and I haven't seen hide or hair of November despite the fact that I paid my bill on time about a month ago.  I'm not sure if they've skipped me again or if it just hasn't arrived yet.  Help me decide if I need to make a nasty phone call (to a magazine that I generally love) *****UPDATE*****

The nice folks at Elle Decor caught this post and left me a nice comment to let me know that I should have received the magazine by now, they also gave me CS contact info.  While this issue isn't resolved, I still think it was REALLY nice for them to take the time to leave a note.  Ok, Ok, I'll keep my subscription.... not that I would have ever canceled it anyway, it's one of my faves.