Do Not Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

Hunny Bunny and I have been busting our collective arse to get a few projects going around nostra casa, and have FINALLY finished (or very nearly finished) the entry way that we've been fretting over since the day we moved in. Well, I've been fretting. HB is just my hunky hero who knocks out walls while I chew my fingernails as I imagine the imminent collapse of our roof. Happily, all went well, and my brand spankin' new digital camera just arrived so I documented this epic journey of hallway renovation for your viewing pleasure. Behold!


Remember when I posted all those wallpaper patterns for the ceiling? Well, I went all Wary Meyers on it instead. In case you don't remember what the hallway used to look like, I posted about it months and months ago, but here's the before picture:

hallway old

I feel a little guilty about posting those pictures to compare because my new camera is infinitely better than the old one, but I don't feel THAT bad... at least you can see that the old hallway 1) Was very brown 2) Had a weirdo faux wall thing that separated the entry from the dining room 3) Was very brown. That picture is so ugly, I want to delete it right now, but it tells of an odyssey to separate the wheat from the chaff, good from evil, brown from not brown. So I can't

After we I decided that everything about the entry (except the door) was unsalvageable, HB went up into the attic to make sure the beams weren't load bearing, and that we could actually knock that wall disaster out.


I kind of wish I had never seen this, because now I'm more than a little afeared that a two headed aluminum Chimera lives in our house... But hark! No beams! Kids, you should always brave the monsters that live in the attic before you saw down your walls. Or at least send someone expendable up to check for you. The seventh level of hell can be daunting.

Once we HB discerned that the coast was clear, it was time to strip the mangy wood veneer off the studs.

dining room renovations

Are you sad that we demolished this paragon of beauty? Don't you wish we had just left it like this? Hellz no. Anon, it's time to cross the River Styx, and once you leave the shores, there is no return.

ben demolishing the wall

Only the strength and fortitude of our hero can save us now. Meanwhile, his other half is wringing her hands in despair. Right choice? Wrong choice? Purgatory is so draining.

What's that I see up ahead??? Could it be...?



Yes, one demolished wall, two coats of gray paint, new white ceiling paint, several bursts of golden goodness, door paint, trim paint, door hardware, new roman shade, new switchplate and dimmers later, It's DONE.

Except... I need some art.


As you can see from the dining room, there's a hole there. Does this complaint sound familiar? Since this little project cost a lot more than I would have thought, I'll be hanging a piece that I already own. So far, I have three serious contenders who must battle for my undying love. I'm trying to choose something relatively simple, but interesting (of course!).


good old neil

This is Good Old Neil, a photo that my pal Eric Belland made while we were but starry eyed graduate students. Neil is a ladies' man, sure to charm whosoever may cross our threshold.



This is a surrealish etching that my friend Peter made while we were in Hawaii, before he defected to SFAI. Chump. It's a pretty good print, though, and it shows some subtly naughty bits for our visitors to behold.


demon boy

You may remember Demon Boy, Spawn of Hades, from my last post. I think he might add that certain je ne sais quois to my entry. Also, he would thrust evildoers from our home after 3am, when they are most likely to inflict damage.

Thus ends our collective pilgrimage, but the work has only begun for HB and I. He is ecstatic about this fact. Nevertheless, I hope to regale you with new tales of decorating delights ASAP.