Ditte Isager

Good morning all and I apologize for my absence Tuesday.  Internet failure combined with ability to stay awake failure has lead me down a shameful blogless path.  But you all understand, right?  Well-zo, here I am and I'm all well rested to show you some surprisingly un-karly-esque interiors.  Let's just call it a continuation of Erin's theme from yesterday.  Like she said, life can't be all coke tables and mylar wallpaper, right?  Ok, maybe it can, but just not today.  Or yesterday.  But most certainly tomorrow and all those other days after.

Perhaps it's my constant craving for sleep that has me loving these monochromatic interiors shot by photographer Ditte Isager, but most likely it's that sexy chandelier / rustic hardwood / window-filled loft combo.  win / win / win / win.

when God builds me a kitchen, this will be one of the photos I show him

For more of Ditte's work: Home of Ochre