Dining Room Drama Deux

First of all, I want to say THANKS to everyone for your great comments and advice regarding my crazy dining room. Imagine me pasting a big, sticky gold star on your foreheads. I got tons of great ideas, and I'm already mentally rearranging the room 20x over. Now, if I only had a billion dollar budget to match... Since I don't, I'll be carefully watching Craigslist and Ebay, and crossing my fingers that the upcoming Round Top antiques fair will exceed my wildest treasure hunting expectations. In the meantime, I thought I'd throw out a few ideas I cooked up based on your comments. You can always refer back to my dining room pics here to check my mental handiwork. So, I've already pulled all the crap off the window wall, and I'm considering hanging these West Elm curtains wide on either side of the window to add some depth to that space.

west elm curtains

I'm thinking I would still keep the gold roman shade... crazy?

In my fantasy (but still vaguely achievable) dining room, this vintage chandelier would take center stage:

parzinger chandelier

It will probably end up being too expensive, but I'm hoping I can snag it, anyway.

And then there's the table issue. For now, I'm planning to keep the white chairs and use a different pair of Danishy chairs to flank the window (have I mentioned I'm a huge chair whore?). They are similar to the ones I currently have in the dining room, but better suited for the space if the table is removed. As for the table itself, I have a zillion pics bookmarked as inspiration. Mind if I share?

met home

So, I'm kind of crushing on trestle tables right now; I feel like something with minimal legs would work well with the white chairs, and I also like how the table ends are uncluttered by chairs. And something rustic-ish (but not too yee haw) would disguise spaghetti stains. Via Met Home.


A more refined version via Domino. Boy those chairs look familiar...

plinth table

I like a good plinth table, too. This one is kind of reminiscent of Art Deco pieces, but all moderned up. Via Living Etc.


A similar table paired with a very schizophrenic chair collection. Via Living Etc.

met home

This floating, nearly legless table is the bees knees. I love the length, the lack of chairs at the ends, and the airiness. But what the hell is up with that picture collection and the creepy sprinkler system? Via Met Home.

living etc

Or maybe I should go oval, but with a simpler pedestal fitting? I like round tables, but they won't fit my space. Love the blonde wood with the dark paint. Via Living Etc.

oval table

Same table, different finish. I really need to be able to fit six chairs at my table, though since I like to have my buds come over and entertain me. Karly's getting good at shutting the baby up. Via Living Etc.


I really just want this table. And those chairs. And look -- bish has ANOTHER dining table in the back room! Surely she can spare a set. Via Domino.

living etc

And then there's this beauty. Do you think crumbs would get wedged in the cracks? Not sure that I care. She is magnificent, and I'm sharpening my ax already. I've got plenty of trees. Via Living Etc.

So that's all I've got for now, but tune in after Karly and I hit Round Top in a couple of weeks to see if we made out like bandits. Who knows? I may redecorate my entire house. Or I may be under house arrest after leaving baby Ike with the Hunny for a whole day.