Ding Dong the Desk is Dead

I've been debating whether or not I should post a pic of the painted kitchen because it's storming and dark as pitch in here, and there is no way on earth I can get an accurate image of the paint color. BUT I did promise to reveal something today, and I am a woman of my word (when I want to be). So here we go, yo:

I'm so excited that our built in desk is gone that I don't even care about the other junk in the picture. LOOK at the magnificent tile job Matt did. BEHOLD the glut of space where once there was this:

My eyes!!!

Anyhow, I'll post pictures of the fully pink panorama as soon as the sun comes out.

Oh, and P to the S: my chandelier came and it is a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately it is also eye pokingly long...

Details to follow.