Design Crisis Writer Finally Gets Act Together

Quite some time ago, way back in the beginning of the year 2009, I made a list of Design Crisis New Year's resolutions.  Some of them worked out (I'm pretty sure I painted a lot of stuff gold last year); some of them are still in the pipeline (where is all that money this blog was supposed to make us?); and some of them are finally being wrapped up today.  Yes, 419 short days after last year's new years resolutions, I'm putting some of my own work up for sale.

photo by our own lovely Erin

You dudes may remember this horse I designed way back when.  Well, I finally screen printed him and I'm trading the prints for cash-dollars.

Fun Facts:

This print is HUGE.  Monster huge.  It took me almost a month to find the 3-foot-square paper it's printed on.  You know what that means?  You can actually have a giant piece of art without paying Michelangelo prices.

Fun Fact 2:  I only printed 30 of these.  7 of them are gone.  math math math... that means there are 23 left.

FF3:  Yes, there was only one picture in today's post, making it relatively short, but the news is huge and that's what matters.

FF4:  You can get your print HERE.

go forth and make momma proud, ya'll.