Design Crisis Recommends

Now that you've undoubtedly wrapped up all your holiday shopping thanks to the gift guide Erin and I lovingly crafted last week, I think you've earned a little you time.  Forget the malls, holiday cookies and oh my god please don't think about swapping another white elephant.  You need to decompress!  We here at design crisis have pulled together a couple non-holiday adventures that are sure to give you the mental make over you need. First up:

Bauhaus 1919 - 1933: Workshops for Modernity at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.  Admittedly, I've been a little obsessed with the Bauhaus lately, I'm not sure if I've been dialing into a social subconscious that's already decided this for me or if my interest is a strange coincidence but either way, I'd gladly consider donating my right left arm to go check out this show.

Already receiving rave reviews for the breath of work included, the MoMa, which itself is a nod to the Bauhaus movement, is exhibiting works that came out of the Bauhaus before it's fall to Nazi Germany.  The works are carefully arranged alongside historical documentation via photos, letters and films from the school, leading the viewer through an all encompassing journey of, what would become, the most powerful influence on modern design.  If you're within a 100 mile radius of Manhattan go to it and come back to me with a full play-by-play report.

If you're not in the New York area and don't have 24-hour access to a charter jet (great holiday gift idea, btw!) might I suggest the documentary Beautiful Losers.  Featuring such art and design heavy weights as Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Harmony Korine, Shepard Fairey and the adorably crush-worthy Mike Mills, Beautiful Losers traces the lives of 14 artists as they collectively, and almost accidentally, re-defined the New York art scene (and modern art as we know it) in the early 90's.  Completely unpretentious and accessible, the documentary humanizes each artist while totally and completely inspiring it's viewers.

Here's the trailer if you don't believe me:

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

I caught this on Netflix on demand this weekend whilst nursing a hangover with my sure-fire hangover cure trifecta:  scrambled eggs, V8 and marathon documentaries.  I give the combo 5 stars.

Some other random recommendations for your enjoyment, in no particular order:

Book: Creative Space: Urban Homes of ARtisits and Innovators.  I received this as a gift from a most lovely house guest recently.  It is now completely defiled and covered in my drool.

TV: Ninja Warrior.  Everything you could ever want in a television show and more.  The new season is starting soon and I can barely contain myself

Music:  The new phoenix album is fantastic.  So what if one of the songs is on a car commercial?  As the lovely Geoff McFetridge points out in Beautiful Losers, the only difference between fine art and commercial art is intent.