Design Crisis: Now 100% Internet Syphilis Free

Sorry about all the drama with that login crap on our site... happy to report that is has been fixed up and we are planning to use condoms from now on. Seriously, what is up internet? How come you keep infecting us with your dumb herpes? Turns out the code in one of the pictures we used was pointing to another site. So rude. Anyway, I'm still staring at the fireplace and running through various permutations to determine the most excellent outcome. I had almost decided to tear half of that monstrosity down when Karly rekindled an idea first sparked by this picture:

This is commenter MB From Dallas' gorgeous home (featured in entirety at Head Over Heels -- check out the landscaping!!!). I keep thinking about how that fireplace extends all the way to the ceiling and wishing hoping wondering if I could possibly do that too.

A reminder of the horrifying vision that greets us every day. The ceiling actually keeps going for several more feet up there, so extending the fireplace would be quite a job.


Love the ziggurat of white brick, but I think we'd be better off just continuing the fireplace up in a straight line.

So what do you peeps think? Tear half of the fireplace down? Build it all the way up?

Shake me to my senses and say, "just paint the damn thing already!"?