Nouveau Deco A Go Go

Who else is feeling the magic of marquetry? The frisson of fringe? The charge of checker? After years of minimalism, are we not ready for a decorative flourish or twelve? Clean lines still rule, but there's no shame in softening the edges. Think Wiener Werkstatte, the group of Viennese Secessionists in the early 20th century ranging from Josef Hoffmann to Gustav Klimt who bridged the gap between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. A judicious use of ornamentation highlights strong modernist lines by mixing graphic patterns with a applied flourishes and glossy finishes, but this go round puts its own stamp on the style with bold colors and offbeat finishes.

It's the early 21st century, baby. Time is a flat circle.

Werkstatte Chic | Erin Williamson Design
Werkstatte Chic | Erin Williamson Design

1. Urban Outfitters Diamond Chain Mirror | 2. Roll and Hill Shape Up Pendant | 3. Calico Wallpaper Op Art Wallpaper | 4. Dimore Studio Poltroncina Chair | 5. Violeta Galan Marquetry Cabinet | 6. Miles Redd for Patterson Flynn and Martin Rug

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