DC Recommends: Yves Klein at the Hirshhorn

It's no secret that the DC headquarters doubles as a Yves Klein fanclub flagship studio (you can see Erin wax poetic about him here, here and here) so when I found out that his work would be on display at the Smithsonian this summer my heart skipped a beat.

Last week, while visiting my mom in Northern Virginia, we took a break from pinballing between H&M and Homegoods to check out the Klein exhibit at the Hirshhorn.  (Side note, the Hirshhorn is totes my fave Smithsonian museum and it's worth a trip Klein or No.  But don't tell anyone, part of it's greatness is that it's never too crowded)

To see Klein's electric blue canvasses in person was really something else.  I never thought I could be so taken by a single solid color (no, I've never been a Rothko fan) but Klein's blue sets the retinas ablaze:  my eyes literally vibrated during the entire exhibit.

My mom and I agreed that the sponge display was the money part of the show.  Their cracks and crevices give way to shades of light and dark that make you want to shove them in your mouth.  They looked delicious.  Weird, but true.

Among his other works on display were his pink and gold monochromes (the blue is so amazing that even I was bored by the gold) as well as his fire paintings, which were totally radical.

If you're near the DC area skip on down to the Hirshhorn between now and September 12th to see the most amazing color you'll never be able to completely capture on your walls.