This is going to be a short one, because I know you're all out at the lake eating hot dogs and shooting off fireworks in honor of our country's independence... what's that, you say? You're not feeling terribly patriotic these days? Can't say I blame you, but that doesn't mean you can skip this, the pinnacle of summer and all of its glorious bounties -- like swimming and hot dogs and fire, people. Fire. Think about it. So what can I show to inspire you to light one up? No, a sparkler, you silly! I think this room designed by the too often mentioned by me but still crazy awesome Kelly Wearstler ought to do the trick:

wearstler op art

Oh, I know you're a twee trifle fatigued by all of my references to La Wearstler, but don't be a hater -- LOOK AT THAT INSANE PSYCHEDELIC WALLPAPER, and the red, white and blue color scheme, and the cane print rug. AND do I spy chevron chairs??? Whew, friend, that's a lot going on there! This room is like a beautiful lady dressed in rhinestone pasties dancing the can-can to Yankee Doodle Dandy on top of a Lipizzaner stallion while brandishing 17,000 sparklers. On acid.

That's my kind of girl.