Dark and Glossy is Supah Flossy

Hello hello, blog buddies! I am back from the brink of certain death by bubonic infection, and baby Ike is feeling much better, as well. Along with heaping doses of Oprah, Supernanny, and baby Tylenol, your well wishes and kind words healed our sickness. It's a miracle! Or maybe my resurrection is the result of these hot rooms that have my blood a' pumping, because you know what -- the gloss is boss.

glossy walls

Apartment Therapy

Yesss, paired with deep, dark paint, a glossy finish adds depth and -- dare I say -- an element of mystery?

miles redd

A super high gloss finish like the one in this room by Miles Redd is like hot lingerie for your walls, and you don't want to force your walls to wear granny panties, do you?

studio ilse

Studio Ilse

No granny panties here, just sleek sophistication. But make sure to smooth out walls before painting, because a glossy sheen reveals imperfections and no one wants to see that orange peel cellulite on your wall.


SR Gambrel

Why not spread the shine to the ceiling, while you're at it?

sr gambre;

SR Gambrel

And although black looks fabulously fresh in a high gloss finish, a whole rainbow of dark hues could work beautifully.

todd romano

Head Over Heels

elle decor

Elle Decor

marie claire maison

Marie Claire Maison

Dark and glossy is grown up sexy, but use it sparingly. Much like makeup, you don't want too much shiny, or you risk looking trashy.

dark and glossy

Although a shiny finish does make for easy cleanup.