Czech It Out: The Bohemia Glass Region

Last summer I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Ajeto Glassworks in the Northern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. This region, specifically Novy Bor, is world-famous for its glassworks. Ajeto officially opened in 1994 by the world-renowned trio of Borek Sipek, Petr Novotny and Libor Fafala. Their current location is housed in the remnants of an old German textile factory in the city of Lindava.

If you can't take the heat of the studio, get into the kitchen. The facility includes a restaurant that allows visitors to dine while viewing a team of artists at work. The Ajeto restaurant was a ridiculously awesome feature to the facility, in my opinion and the food was some of the best I had while in the Czech Republic.


Although Borek Sipek was not present during my visit (I wish), it was his work I was most impressed with. His resume leaves me green with envy. It's not just anyone who can add Royal Court Architect in Prague by Presidential appointment to their list of accomplishments. Than again, it's not that hard to believe. His postmodernist furniture, tableware and chandeliers are hard to overlook. Most impressive however, are his laundry list of architectural achievements. Whether it's his work on Prague Castle, the Kyoto Opera House or Karl Lagerfeld's boutique in Paris (pictured below), the man is a multi-aesthetic genius of the first degree.