Curtain Progress

Last week I posted my scribble curtain inspiration and promised to make headway on said drapes over the weekend.  Guess what?  I did it!  Unfortunately, projects that used to take an afternoon now span several days:  carrying a baby in your belly makes you sleepy and decidedly less agile.  Go figure.

I apologize for the craptastic photo, my camera has gone kaput and I had to shoot these with the camera on my phone.  And, no, I haven't bothered downloading any radical filter apps.

Anyhoodle, above is curtain #1.  Measuring in at 9' high and 12' wide it took about an hour to paint.

And here is curtain #2, which took about 30 minutes (I got a real rhythm going by the end).

Now, in normal, un-impregnated life I would have painted these, sewn tabs on the backs, mounted a curtain rod and hung them up all in an afternoon.   As it stands, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this entire project to be complete by the end of next weekend.  When it is, I promise to find a real-honest-to-god camera and take some decent pictures for you dudes.