Crazy Wallpaper... Monday

Sorry for the sparse posts last week -- the holidaze are finally catching up to me. Well, that and the 24/7 Elmo addiction that has ravaged our household, leaving me no choice but to quarantine myself under the covers. Speaking of kids (what a tragic transition), I'm a little obsessed with this wallpaper in Alice Instone's daughter's room:

It's Cole and Son's Flamingo, and I wouldn't have given it a second glance if not for this image. The scale is super magic, and I love the hot pop of red. So cute for a styling baby girl... or for a styling grown up lady.

Ok, it's really really really important that you tune in tomorrow for the most amazing reader home tour. It's going to blow your mind up and reassemble it into a vision of reclaimed oak and hot pink upholstery. It's that good.

Until tomorrow!