Crazy Wallpaper Friday

Sounds like y'all are breathing a collective sigh of relief at avoiding yet another installment of Bob Ross' moustair. I know, I know. I've been a little crazy of late. But rest your eyes and cleanse your metaphorical palettes with these samplings by design house Mushaboom.

I planned for this series to feature papers that I love but wouldn't really use. These beauties, however, are strong powder room contenders. The patterns are large scale but dense enough not to feel monstrously overwhelming, the colors are juicy, and I love the psychedelic neotrad feel... maybe we should call it Acid Wasp?

My only hesitation is that these patterns are digitally printed, and I worry they may come off a little raster-rific rather than smooth and creamy dreamy. Anyone have experience with digitally printed wallpaper?

Hope you have a swell weekend... enjoy the calm before the holiday storm.