Crappy iPhone Picture of Our New Floors

Sure I have a master's degree in photography, but why would I use a real camera to take pictures when I can use my phone? Yeah, I'm a dolt. But I'm also very tired and I'm getting sick, so it is what it is. Don't worry -- better pictures will follow, but I thought that maybe you'd forgive my laziness if I threw you wooden bone. Behold: white oak engineered flooring

Ok, that is a really bad picture -- so bad I can't believe I'm even posting it. Please note that the 2000 cans of paint samples are applying pressure to a board I asked to have ripped out and replaced because I thought it was too dark. And because I am a nightmare. Also note that there are 2000 cans of paint samples. I really have a problem.

That is some wholesome rustic goodness, though. I need some leggy sculptural pieces to provide the proper foil... I think I'm going for a bad girl Euro vibe. Maybe kind of like this:

Or maybe more comfortable.

We'll see how that pans out.