Craigslist Is My (Not So Secret) Lover

Hello friends! First of all, I want to thank you SO MUCH for all of your helpful comments on my last post. After the debut of the big rug debacle, I know you're all wondering what the bleep I have decided to do. And the answer is... a lot of shopping. I have shopped for (more) rugs, and I have shopped for couches. I have shopped for end tables, and I have shopped for curtains, paint, and even sheets (oops). Obviously I am a very busy person. Unfortunately I have yet to make a single purchase, but I did spend a lot of time moving things around, making stupid mock ups on Olioboard, and drinking with Karly (aka, playing decorating party, aka tearing up my living room). The conclusion I came to was: that rug is too dark for my living room. But I be loving it in the dining room... Hooray!

I plan to snap some pics very shortly and show y'all what's happening now, but today I am too busy digesting BeerBQ to do anything that requires much any movement. Thus you shall be treated to the fruits of my obsessive compulsive shopping habits. Austinites, enjoy!

PAIR of brass and camel ultrasuede director's chairs for $75 here. Ummm, yeah... Hurry up before I change my mind and decide to replace the chesterfield with those beauties.

Ivory and chrome designer sofa for $300 here. I want this sofa sooooo badly. Sadly, it is completely incompatible with toddlers named Pig Pen.

Pair of red velvet and chrome chairs for $140 here. These would be so incredible flanking my tv and (ahem) new burlwood console table, but I have some dumb speakers to contend with (see picture here). How janky would it be if I put the speakers under the chairs??? Super janky? yeah. That's what I thought, too.

Awesome chrome Sciolari chandelier for $395 here. Do it.

Excellent black leather and chrome Design Within Reach sectional for $1750 here. If that's your style, the price is fantastic. Haggle.

Three Philippe Starck knock offs of Gio Ponti's famous Superleggera chair. Chrome and black wicker. These are so badass! $125 here.

Super cheap chrome and glass side table. $25 here.

In short, it seems that I am developing a chrome fixation. But know that I am holding back some goodies for my very own self because I am selfish like that.

Oh I also have some breaking news:

mad men rosewood couch

Alexis the couch slut and and her lovechild are now for sale. I'm not gonna lie -- I'm asking for a buttload of money. Like Ebay money. I feel crappy about this, but how else am I going to finance my living room redo??? So, if you are Mrs or Mr Moneybags and you want this set, let me know. I can't wait to get rid of it.

Toodles, buds. Back later with more updates.

Thanks again for all your help!!!