counter productive

My dear sweet ma is in town for the next few days, as we're both about to embark on insane kitchen renovations our mission #1 is to look at every single countertop for sale in austin.  First stop, our local paperstone dealer, vintage material supply. Paperstone promises to save the world with their 100% post consumer waste paper counters.  Made from layer upon layer of recycled paper and resin, the counters come in tons of colors and can stand up to 350 degrees. I hear they're not to pricey either, which is always my siren song.

Lame short post today, but here are pics of my (hopefully) new counters

paperstone countertops

paperstone countertop

does anyone out there have any other awesome countertop suggestions?  (note, you'll be banned from this blog if you recommend granite) what about dealers in austin?  I'd love to cruise through some new show rooms.