Christmas Stuff

Having just returned from a lovely trip to visit family for Thanksgiving, I am now assailed by the sudden panic inducing revelation that Chrismukkah is upon us. This signals many bad things beyond the fact that my waistline seems to expand in direct proportion to the number of days in the year -- things like impending Christmas travel and (temporary) alcoholism, but most excruciatingly it means that I have to start buying presents. As Ralphie in A Christmas Story would say, FUUUUUUUDGE.

I'm feeling a bit woozy and overwhelmed from it all, so I may have to hibernate for a little while. You know, to process stuff. Ok, and to eat some leftover cake I brought back from my Grandma's house.

Jacques Grange

This seems like as good a place as any to hole up. There better be a tv in there somewhere. I need to catch up on Walking Dead.

Back tomorrow with clean hair and a refreshed, relaxed attitude.


But I will be back tomorrow.