Choose Your Own Adventure Post

This morning we're going to mix it up a bit here at the DC headquarters.  Why?  Because 31 years ago today, my mama did what Erin is about to do and popped out a karly-shaped ball of awesomeness.  (Quick show of hands:  was that last sentence totally gross?)  Moving on.  Today, YOU homies are going to write the post.  How?  By way of sending me birthday gifts.  Duh. As you all know and can probably say backwards in your sleep:  K-dawg loves the horses.  Any and all horse-art, horse-furniture, or horse-dish was created just for me.  I cruise most of your blogs (sorry, I'm a bad commenter) and have seen precious horse works featured all around this world wide web.  YOU leave me a comment with a link to the horsey(s) of my dreams, I'll put them all together and publish the proper post next Tuesday.  You will of course get lots of love and credit for your find.

I'll start with a preview of a few good horses that my blogging BFFs have sent me over the last few months:

Oy!  Jamaican me crazy, horsey!  Both Andrea and Raina proved their undying love when they sent me a link to this beauty by artist Julian Wolkenstein.  I have since - and I'm not kidding - stalked her by email to purchase a print large enough to hang over my fireplace.  She has small ones for sale at surprisingly reasonable prices, I'm still waiting on a quote for my gigantor version.

The Brew Mistress herself could easily double as my personal horse shopper, as she has gone above and beyond in the horse-link sending.  Her eye for horsies and love for Michael Phelps prove that she's the coolest girl on all of Manhattan Island.  The Mistress also found these gems:


So, what good ponies have you seen lately?