Calgon, Get Me the F Outta Here

Ugh, it's Monday.  Who likes Mondays?  I'm willing to bet there are no hands raised now.  I wish the weekend were just one day longer so I could finish the projects I had hoped to post today.  Alas, it's not.  The work week has started and I have a to-do list long enough to wrap around my head 116 times.  Rather than checking things off left and right, I'd much rather be here:

There's something about a tub floating smack-dab in the center of the room that's always enchanted me.  It doesn't really make sense considering that I'm not a bath person.  (Oh!  They're so boring!  And forget reading, wet hands struggling to keep my book out of the water make for tired arms.)(Let's not forget that we're splashing around in our own dirt)(and rinsing! you have to take a shower just to rinse!) 

Anyway.  I do love the way it looks, though.  When the tub takes center stage the room becomes a sanctuary built for the soul purpose of relaxation and pampering.  Well, at least for people who like baths.

Thanks to If the Lamp Shade Fits, From the Right Bank, Sweet Home Style and Desire to Inspire for the pics I posted today.  An extra special Monday to all of you.

Everyone else, best of luck with your own to-do lists this week, I hope it goes swimmingly!