Breaking West Elm Outlet News

Did you know there was a clearance rack at the West Elm Outlet? Did you even know there was a West Elm outlet? Well for those of you fortunate enough to live in the suburbs (guffaw), an outlet mall may be lurking in an unpopulated wasteland near you. Lucky for us Austinites, we have only to drive down to San Marcos, which is actually really lovely and features rivers flowing with beer (byob). Winning.

So yesterday MIL, Ike, and I trekked down to the outlets in search of this rug for the dinette and these curtains for Ike's room, but I found none of the above. Still, I managed to score some goodies on the cheap. Check it out.

This giant papier mache impala head is usually $169, but I found it for $9.97 and could not resist. I was thinking about putting it in the baby nursery, but I don't know... maybe it's kind of demonic?

Does it look like I sacrifice goats and draw penatagrams in their blood on my pregnant belly?

Does this remind you of Damien the Omen or is it just me?

I also got a white mongolian lamb pillow for $9.97. I should probably use it to continue the dead animal trend in the baby room, right? Oh, and wouldn't it be funny to put glasses on top so that my infant son is convinced a muppet monster will attack him whilst sleeping?

Maybe not.

I did get a diaper bag for half price. That makes me a good mommy. The gold zippers make me AWESOME.

Perhaps even more important than prepararing for the impending birth of my child is that I found this $400 Moroccan wedding blanket for $19.97.

Yeah, buds. Now my bedroom is going to look just like this:

Or maybe this:

Or definitely like this:

Or perhaps I will hang it on the wall behind my tv.

Wall hanging or blanket???

Either way: winning.

Let me tell you what is not winning.

I have been obsessing about this gorgeous indigo/violet kilim rug forlikeever and they had it at the outlets.

Yay! There were even two of them

But both of them were covered in lint. COVERED. I've never seen something attract so much lint in my life. A lint brush doesn't even do that good a job of defurring your pets.

Do not buy this rug.

Sorry, West Elm.

I still love you.

And I really love your outlet store.

[Moroccan blankets here and here]