BNO Design

It's come to my attention, by way of my own observation, that our interior design blog has brought you very little in the way of interior design lately.  I know we've shown you some stellar stairs, and lots and lots of updates on my own house but so far as simple, well appointed interiors go, well, I've been slacking.  What can I say, I love random crap and I usually force you to look at it.  Today I'm going to set the horse lamps and melting chairs aside and take a lazy stroll through some houses I can't afford.  I'm pretty sure that everything in these BNOdesign homes is out of my price range, so it fits the bill just fine.  Let's have a look-see A west village home:

A home in the Hamptons.  You all have one of these to decorate, right?

Ok, good.  Now I am guilt-free and can return to showing you lightning bolts and sweaters made from dog fur.

Come on back by tomorrow to take an aviary tour of the design world with DC fave, le petit oiseau