Bling it on!

As Erin is off being a baby mama, today I am stepping in to share with you some of my design based ramblings! On with the plug ... I am Camilla from Designalogue blog!

I am found in the land down under - Australia. Here we sleep when you are awake and your tomorrow is my today and we spell some words a little differently - such as colour with a U, and where you would say 'esthetic', I would say (& spell) 'aesthetic',  Interesting don't you think?!!

The rest can pretty much be thought of as the same!

So when I was thinking about what to do here with my guest blogger 'super powers' (artistic licence OK!) that would still be in keeping with the whole fabulous Design Crisis kinda vibe thing... well, naturally BLING came to mind!

And so on with it....

A visit to the Swarovski crystal palace website was a bling GOLD mine! and frankly no need to even go anywhere else. Lets explore a little...

My keen super guest blogger observation skills have me clued in to a lot of the design world 'super heros' designing crystal installations for Swarovski.

Case in point:

Missoni (as if you wouldn't know just by looking!)

Architect extraordinaire Zaha Hadid is in on it with her cosmic crystal light sculpture:

English design toff (said with love sir!) Tom Dixon has joined the crystal party too with his take on the crystal ball.

Even rockstar turned interior designer Lenny Kravitz has got in on it with his creation 'Casino Royale'.

(Just for the record - Lenny, yes I for one WILL go your way!)

Still on the design super hero track, I can't forget to 'pony' up the Stella McCartney crystal creation which I'm sure you have seen by now but is so awesome that I think it deserves some extra viewings:

The designer of this next little number may not be a household name 'Alex De Batak'. He makes his salute to womens liberation through his crystal sculpture in the form of super model Giselle. Hmm, classy.

(I feel kinda dirty....but I like it!!)

So moving on....

Still exploring the Swarovski website I came across something that I knew the DC ladies would be loving - the Crystal Skull.

(just a word to the Hollywood types - maybe you should have used these in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - instead of the cheapo nasty cellophane numbers you did use. Spending all that cash on the authenticity and all that!?)

If you were wondering how to mix this into your life and household, well wonder no more. Sorted.


You just pop them on the dinner table! And if that ain't going to get the dinner conversation rocking, then I'm afraid your guests are just duds!

I particulary like this real situation example of  Vincent Van Duysen's Cascade chandie. As seen here right in the middle of the room. Exactly where you would want it! Wouldn't you?

I don't think this next creation is terribly out of place here at Design Crisis:  Rockstar tiaras and crowns with a few peace signs thrown together create quite an awesome chandelier I think! And designed as a social statement by  Sheikh Majed Al Sabah who is a Prince of Kuwait no less.

I'm sure quite a few people in the DC house could find just the spot to put this in?

Well thats all from me! Thanks for hanging out and listening to me ramble on about stuff and nonsence! And please feel free to come visit me at my usual hang out!