Black and White and Mine All Over

As much as I feel daffodil yellow and spring green demanding that I redecorate my entire home in a blaze of screaming color, I am ever so slightly resistant. Actually, I'm totally digging my heels in (today). I think I can handle a little color here and there -- a floral pillow maybe, or perhaps even a fancy new chair (just wait 'til you see my latest thriftacular find) -- but I know what I never tire of is black and white. So cool, so classic. So endlessly versatile. I always like it in really graphic prints so it comes off as op poppy, not tired and droopy. Check it.

Yeah, I know. THE CHAIR.

Two houses, same zebraesque fabric:

If I lived here, I would probably want to redecorate every other day, but right now I kind of love it. Wait, now I'm talking myself back into liking color...

I like all of it. What's happening to me? Am I secretly a waspy sailor with a cottage in the Hamptons? I hate myself already.

This is what I will wear whilst sailing my 500 foot yacht around the world. Actually, I just snagged this suit from Old Navy and it's pretty dope. Now I just need to do 80,000 leg lifts.

Sorry to make you read the most disjointed post in the history of DC. Obviously I am feeling some style conflict. There's this big sea change blowing in and I'm not quite on board. Color scares me. Maybe it's because my adventures in paint colors have often ended badly -- like macaroni schoolbus bathroom of death badly. But other times, not so badly. I did like my red dining room... for about 6 months. And then I was so fatigued by the COLOR that I painted it -- hold your breath -- black and white.

What do you dudes think? Are you prepared to go whole hog colortastic? Am I just being a wuss?

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