Birthday Trip Down Memory Lane

That title really draws you in, right? Oh the nostalgia. The oozing sentimentality. If you're scared already, you're really going to hate the rest of this post. If not, read on brave souls.

So today is my 36th birthday, and -- not to put too fine a point on it -- that sucks balls. How did I get so old? When Karly and I started this blog four (yes, FOUR) years ago, we were two young(ish) and carefree girls out on the town, boozing our way through shelter mags and thumbing our noses at chintz.

Well, chintz and Ruthie Sommers would like to know who's laughing now... oh, how times have changed. Acid Wasp is back.

So I may have trolled the DC archives and come up with a "Where Was Erin On Her Birthday Back Then?" compendium of posts from days of old.

Check it.

In a fit of tortured self examination, four years ago I was lusting/questioning my lust for Julian Schnabel's Gramercy Park Hotel.

So pretty! So full of amazing art!

So unbelievably pretentious. A friend and I made it to NY a year or so ago and checked in at the Gramercy for $50 drinks and terrible service. Blech.

And of course three years ago in July, I had Sweet Baby Ike. Apparently October is a special time for me and the hubs...

There he is, all of one week old. Cute as a button. Can't believe I'm doing this again...

Luckily kids get older and the job becomes more rewarding, and also there are endless opportunities to redecorate their rooms.

At least that's my overlong mantra for now.

And this did not happen on my birthday, but it did happen when I had some extra time whilst nursing tiny Ike and watching football movies (creepy baby hormones!), plus it's still one of my favorite posts ever so you must read it:

I love moodboards, and just figured David Bowie's labyrinth needed some sprucing up. Nothing special. Maybe I will redecorate the forests of Legend when I feed #2? You never know what might happen around here.

Anyhow, back to my timeline: two years ago we were still on the endless house hunt, perhaps thinking we may have found the one.

Oh it looks pretty, but don't be fooled. Way out in the middle of nowhere, weird labyrinth of rooms on the ground floor (one of which opened into a real life CAVE), and then there were the worms in the toilets... broken septic line apparently. Eeeeeewwwww!

Have I ever mentioned that Austin real estate is murder?

Kinda like this house:

Oh yes, there is a tree in the middle of the kitchen.

And merely one year ago we were still in our old house and I was busy buying and selling beds.

Goodbye, old bed. I kinda sorta miss you, but you were really too much for me. I think I like the setup in our new house better:

Man, I really still need new lampshades. Can't believe that craptacular whip stitch has survived as long as it has...

Trite though it may be, I suppose the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And that's it for Nostalgia Cruise 2012.

Hope you didn't get too seasick.