Big Money No Whammies

Lately life has handed me quite a few lemons:  literally - my husband's new van stopped working and figuratively - my interwebs are haunted.  I guess I'm supposed to find a way to make lemonade, but with all that sugary tartness I'm not so motivated. Art duo Ghost of a Dream stumbled upon a bunch of lemons in the form of a pile of losing lottery tickets.  The pair took it among themselves to consider the nature of the lottery, the things we desire, and the anticipation of the win followed by the inevitable loss.  Then, they made lemonade:

Dream Home 2009, $70,000 in discarded lotto tickets, wood & steel

Dream Home Detail

Dream Home Detail

Dream Car 2008, $39,000 in discarded lottery tickets, cardboard, cast plastic, wood, steel, and mirror

This is it 2010 discarded lottery tickets, romance novel covers, wood and found objects

This Is It, detail

Title unknown

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