Be the Decider. Please.

Ok guys and gals, I have two major decisions to make today. This would be doable, except that I am a used up, burned, crispy charred piece of toast. This weekend we cleaned, hauled trash, painted, and moved Ike into his big boy room. I woke up at 2am feeling like I had done a speedball -- all hot and anxious and confused about where I was. This morning is not faring much better, and that is why I desperately need your help. Let's get to it.

Decision #1: Buy a Damn Table Already

I am driving the poor sales rep at the furniture store crazy with my waffling, so I'm determined to order something today. Ok, but do I get a marble tulip table, a white painted tulip table, or a walnut tulip table?

marble tulip tableMarble tulip cons:

Most expensive. Unknown quality -- the table I'm getting will not be carrara, but some other unknown white marble with less veining (no pictures are available because the marble varies so much). Fragility -- how does a giant elliptical piece of marble stay balanced on a small pedestal without breaking???! Staining -- am I going to wish I had chosen something easier to maintain? Redundancy -- I hope to get marble counters someday and I'm concerned about marble overload.


IT'S MARBLE. Is marble overload even possible? I seriously lust after this table.

White painted table cons:

Diminished sex appeal -- it's basically white painted veneer. Unknown quality -- no pictures of finished product available. Durability -- will it chip and gouge out to reveal veneer underneath? Cleanability -- can I scrub the crap out of this without abusing the finish? Length of ship time -- it'll probably take three months to get this table into my hot little hands... gross.


Inexpensive (relatively). It's plain white, so it'll go with anything. Easier to move. Not concerned about breaking it.

Wood veneer cons:

Wood is bossy -- rosewood or walnut will limit my chair options in a major way. Durability -- this is veneer so will it gouge out? Not refinishable (veneer). It may clash with my (to be installed in the future) white oak floors.


Relatively inexpensive. Available soon. Lighter than marble. Will not limit my counter choices.

Ok, which table should I buy?

Decision #2: Maybe Buy a Cheap Rug While They're On Sale Today

West Elm has 15% off rugs today. I have sample for this denim and jute rug, and it's cute but maybe a little juvenile with my coral/pink walls?

Look at me, I made a mockup. Shocking.

They also have plain jute flatwoven rugs. I'm looking at the fourth one down -- the flax color. This is kind of boring, but it would allow me to do some fun seating upholstery. No mockup. Sorry, I got tired.

Meanwhile, Overstock is also having a sale. I like this two tone herringbone jute rug, but I'm concerned about staining. Is jute easy care, or is that only seagrass? I know sisal is the worst.

Finally, I could just not buy a rug. I would be missing out a bit on the sales, but perhaps I'm trying to make too many decisions at once...

Who, me?

Opinions? Concerns for my mental health?

I have to go to the doc in a few to do my third trimester blood sugar test... even though I haven't gained much weight so far, I'm worried that my steady diet of donuts is about to backfire. Anyway, I may not be able to respond to your comments but I will be reading them while people stick needles in me and examine my hoohah.

It's a good day all around.