Back in Business

Last night I suffered the most horrible trauma that one can imagine:  my internet went out!  My survival was touch and go for a while but luckily I pulled through.  Now I'm back in business and can continue my never-ending quest to find animal furniture.  I'm sure you all imagine that after our week long coverage of all-things-animal, I would have become desensitized to the seductive ways of horse-shaped lamps and alligator sofas, but that would be a false-hood.  I still have fantasies of filling every square foot of my house with animal-themed goods.  I'm certain that I could find a nook or two to squeeze on of these Distant Origin Photo chairs into: 

Admittedly, that hand on the seat cushion is pretty lame.  I don't really see how it relates to the rest of this dreamy wingback.  I also have an aversion to anything with a hand on it, as it is, unfortunately, my last name and I am concerned that a hand-motif will look like cheesy branding.  

Words can not describe how much a adore the horses on the back panel of this chair.  I would either a. shove it backwards into a corner for all to adore, or b. purchase 6 of these to have around my dining room table, again, so guests could admire the back.  Like the first chair, I'm a little disappointed by the way each photograph interacts with the others.  I feel like they need to be all-horse or all-deer... I would happily pass on the pile of ties in the seat.

That ferocious kitty is beaming sweet nothings directly to my soul, he most certainly wants to come home with me.  I believe the angry scowl on his face is the result of his own confusion and frustration at being paired with a sexy deer and ugly dots.  Come on people, let's all-cat this chair up!

Ok, so, no animals here, but I think this set manages to be the most cohesive of the bunch.  Yes, nature chair, you may come home with me.

Wait!  THIS chair is the most cohesive, and there are cows.  Mama like.

So what do you say, which chair would you take home?