Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality

Now that I have implanted a devious musical seed in your collective head that will surely germinate and take over the rest of your day, let me just say that it's good to be back. New Orleans was fantastic! Amazing! Splendiferous! But we're still in the process of home renovations, last minute repairs, and the inevitable move which is scheduled for next week. That's right -- D Day is one week from today and I'm shaking in my boots (because it's 56 windy degrees this morning and I can wear them -- who dat?!). We have NOTHING ready. Nothing. So, while I would love to regale you with tales of my trip, with pictures of my new floors, and with a big reveal of Sander's handipaintwork, I just can't this morning. Because I have to pack up my entire life into tiny boxes, taking care to leave toothbrushes and undergarments accessible at all times. Excuse my tres gauche patois here, but it's going to be a clusterfuck, y'all.

Nevermind all that. Let's look at this beautiful house designed by Tyler Dawson, shall we?

I don't get House Beautiful but I should, because the November issue was pretty swell. Thanks to my decor obsessed hairdresser Lisa for letting me slobber all over her copy.

I'm really trying to work up some nervy color palettes for New House. I think the paint color was a huge step in the right direction, but now what???

A colorful rug would be a chic, family friendly choice since pattern hides dirt (and strawberry jello) so well. I am obsessed with this Chinese deco rug. There are a few on craigslist I've been stalking for a while, but I have yet to find one under a grand. I'm also considering a non neutral couch...

I may even get some patterned curtains for the kid and guest rooms. I know? Who the bleep am I???

Perhaps I am experiencing some residual delirium from all the absinthe and jambalaya, but I don't think so.

What do you think about non neutral large pieces like couches and rugs? Crazy or crazy good?