Baby (BOY) Update

Hi. I feel a little self conscious about dumping my gross pregnant problems onto you, so if you want to keep it light and fluffy, I don't blame you one bit -- see you tomorrow! For everyone else, I decided I should stop being so cryptic because you're probably all imaging worse things than are actually happening, like maybe I'm growing a hydatiform mole in my stomach. Or a Snooki. But no, it's just a baby. And he looks great, and also very well hung if I may say so myself. The problem is that I have this giant bleed in between my uterine wall and amniotic sac called a subchorionic hemorrhage. It's actually not that uncommon; what's uncommon is the size (ginormous) and how late it appeared in the pregnancy (2nd trimester). Also it doesn't seem to be absorbing and shrinking, which means that every time I go to the bathroom and blood comes out (sorry, but this is my life right now), I start panicking that the baby is next. This occurs on almost an hourly basis.

But the clot appears to be stable for now, and the baby is stable for now. So really all I can do is wait and stress out and do very little in the way of work. Who's going to do all the wallpapering for me? And the painting??? I have TWO hunky baby rooms to design and unless I learn how to wiggle my nose and make magic happen, I don't know how it's all going to come together.

You know what, big effing deal. It will probably make the blog boring since there will be a little more conversation and a little less action, but I'll do my best to spice things up. With blood and guts (hopefully kidding).

Now let's get busy dreaming up some fancy boy rooms. I really thought it was a girl so that penis threw me for a loop, but luckily I already have experience in the field.

And luckily I love boys.

[Francois Halard]