Babies Are the New Black

I remember when I would run into all my friends at a bar on any given Wednesday.  A couple of years later I started bumping into them all at weddings and (do you see where this is going) these days I seem to see my favorite ladies in groups most frequently at baby showers.  What conclusions can we draw from this:  1.  I'm getting old.  2. I'm not sure why we ever stopped going to bars on Wednesdays and 3.  Eventually I was going to get sucked into the baby crazy too.  Yep, babies are the new black and I'm cooking up my own. We're 5 months along (I'm sorry I didn't tell you dudes sooner, I just didn't want this to turn into some lame mommy chat room) and just this past Tuesday we found out that we're having a bouncing baby boy.  We're BEYOND excited and now it's time to decorate his room.

I hate to admit that my number one nursery inspiration room is also the most popular baby's room ever to hit the interwebs but I just can't help it.  The room of Beckett, Jenna Lyon's son, is just filled with everything I love.   There will be no knock offs, but don't be surprised if you see this pallet again over the next few months.

I spent some serious time considering a mural like the one here for his room.  I even found this exact mountain scape.  But ultimately decided that I wanted to cover the walls in clustered art (surprise!) and figured I would get sick of the mural before the little dude even popped out.

One thing I've realized while pulling photos for le bebe's room is that I really like stuff hanging from the ceiling.   I'm hoping and praying to find a dream chandelier for a bargain basement price but I haven't ruled out the possibility of a clustered grouping of goodies hanging in a corner somewhere.

Of course, there's always the option of keeping it clean and simple.  Ok, who am I kidding?  There's no way I'm giving up a crazy sweet mobile so that an arc light can shine on the baby all night long.

Minus the crib too close to the floor, and plus some cooler artwork this is probably more my speed

If I want to creep the baby out I'll go with this assylum-chic space.  It will be good for the baby to learn all about anatomy, sweeping and ironing before he's able to walk, right?

Because I've never found fault with this pallet (see image #1) this photo generally tugs at my soul.

I've been picking up a few random items over the last few months, they all tend to fit into the black / white / yellow theme, so I think that's where we're going.  The walls in the room are light grey now, but I can't decide if they should stay that way.  This is where you come in.  Tell me everything you would do that doesn't involve snuggly elephants in bonnets or sunbathing bunny rabbits.

Oh, and no asking what his name is, you got to find out he was a boy on the same day you found out he exists (I've been waiting 5 months for the luxury), the name is under wraps until his October due date.  xoxo!