Anthropologie Does Austin: Part 2

As you may remember from Erin's post last Friday, Anthropologie recently dropped into austin, rubbed it's faux flea market goo on every last street corner, then took pretty pictures of the results.  What can I say, Austin is a star, Austin shines, she deserves to have the rest of her pretty pictures shown.  Don't worry, it's easy to ignore the $300 cotton tops.

We pick up right where Erin left off:  smack dab in the middle of the catalog and in the middle of town.  I'm 90% sure this was shot at Flashback Vintage.  A shabby shack on South First with western boots and pants for days.  There's also lots of pyrex, which makes me happy.

Hot Gossip:  This shop used to be in a different location (I won't say where) they moved and the house they used to rent was torn down and a well designed local restaurant was built.  BUT, looks can be deceiving, without saying the name of the new location I will tell you that I will never ever go there again.  Last year I did some web work for the owners for free (I owed a favor to the owner's best friend).  THEN, I went to said restaurant for dinner and left with a $140 bill, they didn't even comp a glass of wine.  

So, there's your hot austin gossip:  Flashback = good, business in old location = bad

These photos were both shot on South Congress Avenue.  Left was taken from some ole shop window looking out to the street.  Right is in front of Jo's coffee, which Erin told you about Friday.  Here's some info you didn't get:  Their Chai tea is too watered down, even if you ask for extra chai.  Their BBQ pulled pork is worth driving across town for, if you don't do meat, the tofu is just as good (but lame because there's no meat in it) and if you drink regular coffee, the iced turbo is AWESOME.  Voila

I do believe that this was also shot at Flashback Vintage.  I have run out of gossip on this joint.

All of these pix were taken at Roadhouse Relics, purveyors of all things neon.  The top right image is an old sign from the Deep Eddy Cabaret that has now been reclaimed by Roadhouse and sits in their lot.  Deep Eddy Cabaret still stands and slings $2 Lone Stars like there's no tomorrow.

*Insider Tip:  If you are going to partake in the cabaret's drink specials, might I suggest that you do so after swimming in it's namesake:  the Deep Eddy pool.  It's pretty much the most perfect place in town:  it's a gigantic pool that feeds off of a cold freshwater spring.  You get all that natural water, but there's no dirt or fishies in the mix.  It's the jam.

This postcard mural is also at Roadhouse Relics - my god, what isn't at that place.  It was designed at painted by my friends, the geniuses at Blue Genie.  We sang the praises of Blue Genie once before HERE

I can promise that the model in this picture has never eaten at Fran's Hamburgers.  One bite of their greesy burgers and ice cream floats would keep her from fitting in the frame.  The place is cute, but do as I do:  get a yummy crushed-ice diet coke.

Fun Fact:  This place is sandwiched between a meat processing plant and Birds Barbershop on South Congress.

Oh! Another fun fact:  See how you can sorta make out a little yellow bungalow house in the bottom left of this picture, right by the sign post?  That house has a big hairy goat living in it's yard, the goats name is Nic (according to the sign the pet owners erected).  This house is only 1/2 a block off of one of the busiest streets in Austin.

Ok, this is where my tour-guidery gets a little shakey.  It's not for lack of Austin knowledge, but for lack of theater love that I totally fail on these next few shots.  If I had to make a bet, I would probably say this was shot at the Vortex Theater (excuse me, Vortex Repertory Company).  I was there once, it was for a wedding.

Same.  Let's talk about those South African Grazing Sheep.  Pretty cute, aye?  But for $448 a pop, I'm guessing my money will be better spent flying to Africa, taking a safari then picking those sheep up for 4 dollars U.S.

Good Lord, Anthropologie, are you still showing me the Vortex?  Ok, here's a fact:  within walking distance of the Vortex are 2 Joel Mozersky designed spaces: Red House (positive: yummy lemon-grass mojitos, stellar horse decor, negative: doors shut at midnight, boo) and el chilito a yummy taco stand (apparently the stripes on the side of the building were Joel's idea, cuz you can't step inside.) 

Oh, also, those lights are $398 each.  As in Each.  Just One.  Not a cluster.

Photo one, another theater shot, ugh.  Photo 2 - the poster close up - is actually shot in Nashville where the catalogs were designed and printed.  

Also in Nashville. 

There you go.  Now you know everything you ever wanted to know about Austin.