And Zee Winners Are:

It's big winner day!  It's big winner day!  I LOVE IT! Last week we offered up 3 Opart prints to 3 lucky winners, today, the random generator has spoken:

I included an actual screenshot of the generator so you dudes would know there was no funny business.  The winners are:

#42: Raquel

#34: AB

#6: Ceci

Congrats ladies!!!!!  Hit me up at and I'll get your shipping info and confirm which print you want.

Everyone else:  I'm super tired and I know most of you are busy pumping helium into an oversized cartoon balloon for the big parade on thursday, so I'm just going to leave you with a sweet shot of what you didn't win and bid you all a very very happy thanksgiving.  Erin will be here tomorrow to tell you again incase you read that last line too fast.

If you didn't win, you can still purchase any of his prints HERE for only $25... psst... shipping is free.