And the Wallpaper Winner Is...

Hey guys, thanks so much for entering the Graham and Brown wallpaper giveaway! It was super fun to read about your decorating hopes and dreams... sorry I'm about to crush most of them.

Hopefully not permanently?

Anyhow, comments are now closed and I ran the numbers through the magical doohickey, bee bopp booo bing zam:

Wow, that is just weird. Numbers be crazy, yo.

Congratulations to Lauren, you are the winner!

"Would love to win Bao in cream. I'm buying a small fixer upper apartment and would love to use this in the entry."

Sounds like an awesome plan to me... I would slap some crazy art on top and call that space done.

HUGE thanks to Graham and Brown for hosting this amazing giveaway!

For everyone who didn't win, here is some wallpaper porn to get you through this trying time. Don't say I never did anything for you.



graham and brown star wallpaper



jonas cord

Happy Friday!